Working Groups

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Current Working Groups

Circularity Working Group

Join us to dive deep into the challenges surrounding waste management strategies and how as a sector we can move towards more circular practice. Together, we’ll explore how to implement circular practices within the cultural and creative sectors, fostering sustainable approaches to resource use and waste reduction.

Working Group Members

  • Catherine Aldred – Henry Moore Insitute
  • Steve Ansell, Stage@leeds
  • Jess Baker, University of Leeds
  • Tom Blackband, Red Ladder
  • Claire Booth, Leeds Arts University
  • Ekaterina Chokova, Dark Horse Theatre
  • Bronagh Daly – Leeds Church Institute
  • Charlotte Davenport, University of Leeds
  • Pooja Dongre, Todmorden Community Energy
  • Deborah Gardner, University of Leeds
  • Cat Hyde – Seagulls Reuse
  • Chris Hordley – Screen Yorkshire
  • Paul Jenson, University of Leeds
  • Laura Hart, Opera North
  • Marie Koehl, Centre for Live Art Yorkshire
  • Chris Lloyd, Red Ladder Theatre
  • Griz Pedley, Northern Ballet
  • Sophie Slater, Leeds Playhouse
  • Frances Smith – Beam
  • Leann Young, Production Light and Sound
  • Steve Wilkins, Northern Ballet

Register your interest

If you’d like to join this working group, click the link below, or email us at [email protected]

Green Book working group

This new working group is for organisations who want to work through implementation of the Arts Green Book and Theatre Green Book alongside other organisations, with support from SAIL. As part of the working group, we will discuss:

  • Conducting a home survey using the Home Survey tool
  • Energy reduction strategies
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Challenges and lessons learned
  • Anything else we discover as a group!


We are currently planning to have a meeting of the working group once every 2 months, but we can adjust the frequency once we get going

Register your interest

Register your interest for this working group by clicking below, or emailing us at [email protected]