Sand In Your Eye: Mastering Sustainability in Art

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In this blog post, we are highlighting the work of Sand In Your Eye, one of our member organisations, and their inspiring sustainability achievements so far.


Sand In Your Eye is an organisation built with sustainability at the core: creating their sculptures and land art pieces using natural resources such as sand, ice, paper, biodegradable paint, or pumpkins to create their temporary installations, which then return to nature by biodegrading, melting or washing back into the natural environment, leaving behind no trace of their artwork. This responsible practice not only showcases the impermanence of art, but also highlights the importance of respecting and preserving the environment.


Recognising the power of art in igniting conversations about environmental issues amongst their audiences, Sand In Your Eye seek projects where they can explore and amplify messaging around the climate crisis and environmental issues. By using their platform to advocate for action on climate change, and sustainable behaviour change, they are inspiring individuals to become active citizens, providing a platform to challenge the status quo and driving positive change within their communities.

Sustainability is considered across all elements of the organisation’s day-to-day activity, with solar panels powering their studio and two thirds of their business vehicles being fully electric. Their reliance on single-use items has been reduced, and they have made a commitment to only fly intercontinental if there is a significant environmental or cultural benefit in completing the project. In 2021, Sand in your eye worked out their unavoidable scope 1 and 2 emissions to be just under 14 tonnes of CO2, which they then offset with carbon credits supporting carbon avoidance work. In 2022, Sand in your eye had successful reduced their unavoidable emissions to 10 tonnes of CO2 despite having 100% growth and are planning to continue reducing them year on year.


As a team, they look to actively collaborate, and align themselves with like-minded partners who share their vision of sustainability. Through these partnerships, they amplify their efforts and contribute to a collective movement towards a sustainable future.


Sand In Your Eye is committed to fostering creativity and passion for sand art in future generations. They conduct workshops and educational programs that teach sustainable sand sculpting techniques, instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment by using natural resources ‘borrowed’ from the landscape. By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they encourage emerging artists to adopt sustainable practices and continue promoting environmental awareness through their own creations.

In May 2023, Sand In your Eye won the Sustainable Business Award at the South Pennine Park Awards

Sand In Your Eye’s creative and operational alignment with sustainability is a brilliant example of proactive action within our community. By engaging in conscious sourcing, utilising in low energy techniques, promoting biodegradability and repurposing waste, Sand In Your Eye is inspiring and engaging audiences with climate action, and practising what they preach.

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