Jamie Saye

General Manager

Co-founder and secretary

Meet Jamie, our co-founder and general manager at SAIL. With a robust background in technical and production management, he launched his professional journey as a sound engineer after graduating from university in 2011. Before steering SAIL’s ship (pun intended) he was the technical manager at Opera North’s Howard Assembly Room for seven years, as well as having a career touring internationally with bands, working in theatre and the education sector.

In 2018, his passion for environmental sustainability and the creative industry sparked the creation of SAIL, a venture he committed to full-time in 2022. Jamie’s superpowers? Business management, crafting technical solutions, and guiding individuals and organisations towards sustainable practices.

When he’s not at the helm of SAIL, you might find Jamie nerding out over his solar array, tending to his garden or dabbling in computer programming.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn,¬†or drop him an email at [email protected]. He’s always up for sharing ideas and fostering conversations about sustainable practices in the creative and cultural industries.