About us

A pioneering not-for-profit that supports the creative and cultural industries of West Yorkshire to be environmentally sustainable

What we do

SAIL is more than an organisation; it’s a thriving hub for the creative and cultural industries of West Yorkshire, aimed at promoting environmental sustainability.

Through our Members Network, Capacity-Building Initiatives, and Subject Matter Expertise, we foster connections, empower communities, and turn ambitions into action. From interactive workshops to personalised guidance on energy efficiency, we’re committed to making sustainability accessible for everyone.

Who we work with

At SAIL, our mission is to infuse the creative and cultural industries of West Yorkshire with a robust spirit of environmental sustainability. We invite a broad spectrum of collaborators:

  • Crafts: Artisans, craft makers, and designers.
  • Film, TV, Radio, and Photography: Producers, directors, creators, photographers, technicians, and the many hands that make stories come alive on screen.
  • Museums, Galleries, and Libraries: Curators, archivists, and the institutions preserving our cultural heritage.
  • Music and Performing Arts: Musicians, dancers, actors, technicians, backstage crews, event organisers, and all who bring performances to life.
  • Visual Arts: Painters, sculptors, illustrators, and those who showcase beauty in diverse forms.
  • Education: Academic institutions, educators, researchers, and students keen on integrating sustainability into curricula and projects.
  • Literature and Publishing: Writers, poets, publishers, and literary event organisers.
  • Design and Architecture: Architects, urban planners, and graphic designers focused on sustainable designs.
  • Digital and Interactive Media: Game designers, app developers, digital artists, and technicians driving the digital revolution.
  • Other: Any other stakeholders, enthusiasts, and patrons within the vast expanse of creative industries.

Whether you’re in the spotlight or the force behind the scenes, whether you’re an individual, organisation, or student from any of these sectors—or even if you believe your sector isn’t listed—we urge you to join us

Our mission and Values

Our mission

To create a zero carbon/zero waste future for the creative and cultural industries of West Yorkshire

Our values

  1. To work in an open, honest and transparent manner
  2. To be helpful, supporting and encouraging
  3. To be inclusive, collaborative and representative
  4. To act with positivity, passion and progression
  5. To be outward facing and accessible, with an awareness of what others are doing

Our story so far

In early 2018, a sense of purpose united organisations and individuals within the cultural and creative sectors of Leeds. Concerned about the climate crisis, We came together to form SAIL, believing that our collective efforts could make a real difference.

But we knew words weren’t enough. Our mission extends to concrete actions that reflect our shared responsibility to respond to the climate crisis. We don’t just talk; we provide tools and resources for the sector to collectively reduce our carbon footprints. We offer training and workshops, tapping into subject matter expertise tailored to the needs of our community.

Whatever the sector requires to unlock a more sustainable future, we’re here to make it happen. Whether it’s knowledge sharing to establish best practices or using our collective influence to engage audiences and visitors about climate change, we’re committed to transforming imagination into action.

We are SAIL, and our journey towards sustainability is defined by collaboration, creativity, and dedication. We’re not just envisioning a greener future; we’re actively working to create it. Join us in making sustainability more than a goal – let’s make it our shared reality.

Meet the team

Meet the dedicated team at SAIL, working tirelessly at the intersection of creativity, culture, and environmental sustainability in West Yorkshire. Our diverse group of professionals unites around a shared mission: to help the region’s vibrant creative and cultural sectors respond to the climate crisis. With a collective passion for both the creative and cultural industries and sustainable best practice, we employ innovative strategies to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve.


From hosting enlightening workshops to rehoming unused resources, from equipping individuals with Carbon Literacy Training to partnering with local organisations for greener events, SAIL is taking the lead in West Yorkshire’s creative and cultural scene. But we’re not doing it alone. Our strength lies in our community, in the passionate and dedicated individuals and organisations committed to fostering a more sustainable future.

We’ve made a significant impact, but there’s still much to be done. We need you to join us on this journey. As a member of SAIL, you’ll not only gain access to our network and resources, but you’ll also play a vital role in driving the sustainability movement in our local creative and cultural industries.

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