Educational organisation

By enrolling as an educational organisation, you empower your students with the same benefits extended to organisations operating in the creative and cultural industries in the region:

  • Exclusive Access: The members area is accessible for your institution and can be used by your students, up to a maximum of 500 logins. Need additional logins? Reach out to us, and we’ll assist.
  • Comprehensive Training: Your colleagues and students get unhindered access to all our online courses, inclusive of Sustainable Events Management and every other future course we introduce.
  • Resource Library: A treasure trove of curated resources awaits your colleagues and students.
  • Networking & Workshops: Invites to all events and workshops will be sent, providing students with rich networking opportunities.
  • Equipment & Resources Notifications: Stay updated about tools and resources available for sharing within the network.
  • Stay Updated: Our e-newsletter will provide updates and insights directly to the inboxes of your student community.
  • Contribute & Collaborate: Engage actively by contributing to our e-newsletter and website content.
  • Education Consortium: Become a valued member of our education consortium—a network of regional educational institutions offering creative and cultural courses. As part of this consortium, you’ll collaborate with peers to ensure that the upcoming generation of students is well-equipped to thrive in an industry undergoing transformative changes due to the climate crisis.

Please Note: If you are the first person from your institution to register, your account will become the primary one for your institution on the SAIL website. This means you’ll be responsible for distributing the logins to your students. Therefore, before registering, ensure no other representative from your institution has done so. For any uncertainties, contact us for clarification.

Post-registration we’ll send a warm welcome email, and then you’ll have full site access and the ability to distribute logins to your colleagues or students.

We eagerly await your institution’s participation. Thank you for joining!