Medium organisation

By registering as a medium organisation, you unlock the following member benefits:

  • Exclusive Access: Our members area is open for you and up to 10 colleagues. Need more logins? Don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • Comprehensive Training: Dive into all our online courses, including Sustainable Events Management, plus every future course we roll out.
  • Resource Library: Gain full access to our curated resources area.
  • Team Connect: View the SAIL team’s diary and schedule meetings to discuss sustainability challenges at your convenience.
  • Networking & Workshops: Receive invites to all our events and workshops.
  • Equipment & Resources Notifications: Be the first to know when tools and resources are available for sharing within the network.
  • Stay Updated: Our e-newsletter brings the latest to your inbox.
  • Contribute & Collaborate: Have a say in our e-newsletter and website content.
  • SAIL Working Groups: Join our working groups when spots open up. Help guide the organisation and ensure it caters to the creative and cultural sector of the region.

Please Note: If you are the first person from your organisation to register, your SAIL account becomes the lead account for your organisation. This means you’ll be the responsible person for distributing logins to your team. So, before you sign up, ensure another representative hasn’t already. If unsure, we’re here to help — just contact us.

Post-registration, a SAIL team member will review your details to ensure you’ve chosen the appropriate membership tier and that you’re eligible to join SAIL. Once your membership is confirmed, we’ll send a warm welcome email. Then, you’ll have full site access and the ability to distribute logins.

We’re excited to have you aboard. Thank you for joining!