Our Network

At the core of SAIL’s mission is the understanding that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are fundamental drivers of positive change within West Yorkshire’s creative and cultural industries. Our Members Network is designed to foster these connections, providing individuals and organisations with a supportive community to help them excel in their sustainability efforts.

The Members Network is an inclusive platform that welcomes individuals and organisations, both large and small, from across the creative and cultural sector in West Yorkshire. By joining the Members Network, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities to:


Forge meaningful partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations, enabling you to develop joint projects, share resources, and amplify the impact of your sustainability initiatives. Through collaboration, we can create a greater collective impact than any one individual or organisation could achieve alone.

Exchange Ideas

Engage in open dialogue and discussions with other members to learn from each other’s experiences and explore innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the creative and cultural industries. The Members Network is a space where diverse perspectives and ideas are welcomed, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Share Best Practices

Showcase your successes, share lessons learned, and offer practical tips on implementing sustainable practices within the creative and cultural sector. By sharing your expertise and experiences, you contribute to the collective knowledge of the Members Network, empowering others to adopt and adapt successful strategies.

Beyond these opportunities, the Members Network also offers exclusive access to events, workshops, and resources tailored to the specific needs of the creative and cultural industries. As a member, you’ll join a growing community of passionate and committed individuals and organisations, all working towards the common goal of a more sustainable future for the arts and culture sector in West Yorkshire.